Capstone Claim 5

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When determining the correct artificial heart to treat a patient with chest cavity size, quality of life, and preference of patient must be taken into effect within the doctor to patient consultation. With today’s laws in place, doctors and patients are very restricted in their choice of artificial heart. If the AbioCor Implantable Replacement Heart were given full use access by the FDA, then there would be greater option for both doctor and patient when determining the proper artificial heart to use as treatment.

Chest cavity size is a major factor in determining the proper artificial heart to surgically insert into the patient’s body. Placing a synthetic heart into the chest cavity of a patient that is larger than the space that God allotted within the patient’s chest will cause severe pain to the patient. A study published by the USCCB states that “Higher levels of pain have profound effects on seriously ill patients”(“End-of-Life”). A patient that needs an artificial heart is a seriously ill patient. Physicians do not want to cause harmful effects on their patients by overfilling the chest cavity of their patient.

Surgery can often times effect the quality of life for a patient, especially when a surgery requires that the patient’s heart be removed from their body. Quality of life is an important aspect in a patient’s life that physicians want to avoid taking away through surgery. The current artificial heart in full time use, the SynCardia, requires driver wires to protrude from the patient’s body that connect to the bulky driver that the patient must keep within close proximity to themselves. This requirement will decrease a patient’s quality of life. However this depriving of quality of life can be avoided with the AbioCor Implantable Replacement Heart. This artificial heart works through a wireless driver, allowing the patient to be free from the bondage of being connected to a bulky driver (“AbioMed”).

Presently, the options presented to a patient regarding artificial hearts are very limited. Unless the patient is one of the lucky 4,000 a year that are privileged to receive the AbioCor replication of God’s created organ, the only option for most is the SynCardia replication of a God made organ. This fault in medical care leaves patients with a miniscule option for preference. However, if the man made AbioCor heart were granted full use by the FDA, all patients would have an option to choose their manufactured heart.

By granting the AbioCor Implantable replacement Heart full use, the options for doctor and patient when determining the proper artificial heart to use would increase. In fact the options would double by adding a whole other full use artificial heart option into the equation. In order to increase the doctor and patient options for artificial heart implantation, the FDA should approve the AbioCor Implantable Replacement Heart system for use outside of the investigational setting.


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