Capstone Conclusion

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Artificial hearts are an essential technology to have in a time when no other option is available to save a patient’s life. It is imperative that this technology is used wisely to avoid abuse and also to keep cost in check. The need for this technology is increasing as the population ages and more people develop heart problems. In the words of Dr. Neelan Doolabh, a highly distinguished and accomplished heart surgeon, “FDA approval is required for the safe use and protection of liabilities for patients.” With an increase in need for artificial heart technology, the FDA should approve the AbioCor Implantable Replacement Heart system for use outside of the investigational setting. This would give patients and doctors an option between the AbioCor and the SynCardia artificial hearts. Further more, competition would develop between the two man-made devices that are designed to replicate God’s divine work. In addition, competition will force the two companies to keep improving their products in a struggle to produce the product that patients and doctors prefer, resulting in continuous enhancement to both devices. This will also keep a monopoly from developing, which will keep the prices in check and give patients an option for which device will accommodate life support measures for sustaining a quality of life that allows happiness to both patient and family.


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